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  • Vegetable Rennet Tablets, 10 ct.

    These tablets contain no animal products, are gluten free and Non-GMO. Each tablet is scored into 2 segments.

    Item #: C-004B
    Availability: In Stock
  • Fromage Blanc Direct Set Culture - 4 Packets
    • Make flavorful Fromage Blanc cheese at home with these direct-set cultures!
    • Can be used to make Fromage Blanc, a creamy and mild cheese great for spreads and dips!
    • Comes with 4 packets
    Item #: C-14
    Availability: Out of Stock
  • Proprionic for Swiss and Gruyere

    This produces the characteristic eyes (holes), aroma and flavor associated with Swiss, Gruyere and Emmenthal. This culture must be used in conjunction with a Thermophilic or Mesophilic culture for preparing Swiss-style cheeses.

    Item #: C-029
    Availability: Out of Stock
  • Ricki's Goat Cheese Kit

    Make your own goat cheese at home with this kit!

    Item #: C-039
    Availability: Out of Stock
  • Sweet Yogurt Direct Set Culture, 5 Packets

    A creamier, richer and sweeter yogurt.

    Item #: C-024
    Availability: Out of Stock
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