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American Oak Infusion Spirals, Heavy Toast - 2 Pack
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American Oak Infusion Spirals, Heavy Toast - 2 Pack

Item #: GF272
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Crafted to allow you the opportunity of infusing barrel-like oak character with an easy-to-use spiral!

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Want to add oak character but don't want to resort to buying a barrel that needs maintenance and constant topping off? While there are several alternatives to barrels in the form of oak chips and cubes, the infusion spiral is a fabulous, easy way to get oak character in your handcrafted beer, wine, or other beverages. Infusion spirals are toasted using a convection technology that ensures consistency and uniformity among batches. These heavy toasted American oak infusion spirals will provide a more robust, rich oak profile, and are perfect for big, bold red wines and heavy, rich beers alike. Give them a try in your next oak-infused batch!

Product Features

  • Each spiral is 8 inches long, and fit perfectly in standard carboys and fermenters
  • Can be easily broken into smaller lengths if less oak is required
  • Suggested application is 1-stick per 3-gallons of wine
  • Full extraction of oak characteristics can be achieved in 6 weeks, but you can remove the spirals earlier if you want a milder oak flavor


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