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American Oak Chips Heavy Toast, 4 oz.
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American Oak Chips Heavy Toast, 4 oz.

Item #: AOCHT
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Oak aging without the hassle. American heavy toast will provide some great vanilla notes and a hint of coffee with great mouth feel and body.

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No oak barrel? No problem. These Heavy toast American Oak Chips will help the home beer and wine maker get those oak-aged characteristics traditionally available to someone with the space and money for an oak barrel. American chips will typically provide a pleasant sweetness along with great vanilla notes, and the heavy toast will add some hints of coffee and impart great mouth feel and body.

For the home vintner, chips can be used in your secondary to help give added complexity to your wine. Home brewers can soak these in a favorite spirit such as bourbon, for a couple weeks then add to your secondary when racking. Oak chips are relatively thin and have a high surface area, so their oak characteristics are imparted quicker than their cubed siblings. Regardless of how you plan to use them, make sure first to boil them for at least 10 minutes to sanitize, drain, and then their ready to use.


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