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American Oak Cubes Medium Toast, 3 oz.
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American Oak Cubes Medium Toast, 3 oz.

Item #: 6344
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American oak cubes with a medium toast, used for adding oak flavors and aromas to your wine or beer.

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These American oak cubes are toasted to a medium level, and are used in the winemaking or beer making process. Cubes have a more uneven toast than chips, which actually causes them to create a deeper complexity in wine or beer, but also requires longer contact time for the flavor profiles to develop. American oak tends to lend bolder, less spicy notes than French oak, and is used in wines and beer with a shorter maturation time. American medium toast cubes will give the bold, creamy notes that American oak is famous for, but will lend more fresh wood notes and coconut notes in exchange for some vanilla and caramel character. A great, well-balanced oak for forays into oaking!


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