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Banjo Burner with Hose Guard
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Banjo Burner with Hose Guard
Banjo Burner Top
Banjo Burner Hose Guard

Banjo Burner with Hose Guard

Item #: GF152
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  • High heat output, perfect for brewing applications!
  • Sturdy design with 16 in. diameter cooking surface for pots up to 100 qts
  • 0-30 PSI regulator with 48 in. hose

  • Description
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This burner is built to last! The Banjo burner is a solid iron burner with a hot flame for maximum boiling ability! Designed for use with larger pots, the Banjo burner features a manifold that spreads the flame and delivers more power than our High Pressure Bayou classic burner. It includes a 0-30 PSI adjustable regulator to control flame and temperature more precisely for applications such as mashing and heating sparge water. Boils are achieved in a fraction of the time as on gas stoves or inferior burners. Make the switch to a Banjo today and experience the difference!

Product Features

  • High heat output for quick heating and boiling
  • Large cooking surface that can accomodate up to 100 qt stock pots.
  • Great for brewing applications!

Product Specifications

  • Type: Cast iron burner
  • Dimensions: 16 in. (Diameter of Cooking Surface) x 12 in. (Height)
  • 30 PSI High Pressure regulator with 48 in. hose
  • Fuel: Propane


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