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Blichmann BeerGun Bottle Filler
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Blichmann BeerGun Bottle Filler

Item #: GF093
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Rated 5.0 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
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  • The NEW Beergun from Blichmann Engineering, now more ergonomic and intuitive to use!
  • Allows you to perfectly bottle beer from the the keg without CO2 loss!
  • Purge bottles and headspace with CO2 to keep oxygen out, prolonging the life of your beer!
  • Comes with all the connections and fittings needed. You just need a way to split your CO2 line.
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The new Beergun from Blichmann Engineering is here! This new design is more ergonomic than the old Beergun, and comes with a sleek carrying case for easy storage. It also comes stock with all the tubing, fittings, and connections needed for use. You just need to provide a way to split your CO2 line! The beer seal tip has also been updated, making it positively retained. This means no tips lost in the bottle! Lastly, the included tubing is Anti-Microbial to help keep pesky infections at bay!

Kegging is easy and wonderful, but provides a host of problems when brewers go to bottle from the keg. Whether it is for competition or just to give friends a bottle or two, brewers have had to deal with imperfect counter-pressure fillers that are overly complicated, or homemade bottlers that lead to oxidation and foaming issues. The BeerGun solves these issues, creating the ideal system for bottling from a keg!

The BeerGun can be used to purge bottles of oxygen with pure CO2, fill without foaming or carbonation loss, and provides a consistent fill by placing the valve at the end of the gun. This means oxygen-free beer with carbonation intact and no messy foam spills to clean up! Quiescent Flow technology, a patented technology employed by Blichmann, minimizes the amount of agitation the beer undergoes when dispensed from keg to bottle or growler. This leads to the perfect fill with little to no carbonation loss, every time!

Stainless steel design ensures ease of cleaning with minimized chance of bacterial activity. Beer only touches stainless steel - no brass in the product whatsoever! The Beergun only takes literally seconds to take apart, and requires no tools for disassembly! The Beergun is simple, intuitive, practical, and gives a great fill every time. It just makes sense!

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Product Features

  • Tool-free super fast disassembly!
  • Accessory kit now included!
  • Positively retained beer seal tip means no more lost tips!
  • Includes a convenient plastic case
  • Ergonomic warm-touch grip with ambitextrous thumb actuated CO2 valve makes purging bottles and headspace a snap!
  • Bottle from the keg while retaining carbonation, simply and effectively!
  • Anti-microbial beer hose keeps contamination at bay!
  • Everything that touches the beer is stainless, no brass in the product period!
  • Lower oxidation levels than nearly all commerical fillers means longer life for your beer!

Kit Includes

  • Beergun body
  • CO2 hose and Anti-Microbial liquid hose, barbed swivel nut fittings
  • Ball lock disconnect
  • Cleaning brush


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1st time beer gunner, and it worked like a charm. Very pleased with the results, and Great Fermentations are always a pleasure to work with.
Owner Response:Great to hear, Joe! Glad you are loving the BeerGun, and thanks for the kind words. Cheers! Bryan
Dec 30, 2016  |  By Joe Koss
Great for regular bottling as well!
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I think this is most often used to bottle from a keg but it works great for bottling beer for bottle conditioning if you have a pressurizable bottling vessel. It allows you to purge the bottle with CO2, purge the headspace, and achieve a very accurate fill (after a little practice). All with no lifting of heavy containers. Plus you get great service from Great Fermentations!
Sep 10, 2015  |  By Mark Trent
Beer Gun
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The beer gun just works as advertised - beautifully. Be sure to chill the bottles (and beer) before using. A pressure of 4psi is perfect for my system for filling. Very little loss of beer or carbonation.
Jun 19, 2015  |  By Jon Hughey