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Fermentap Brew Pot Thermometer 6" Stem
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Fermentap Brew Pot Thermometer 6 in. Stem
Fermentap 6 in. Brew Pot Thermometer Front

Fermentap Brew Pot Thermometer 6" Stem

Item #: GF377
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A great and reliable brewing thermometer, available at a great price!

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This is a dial-type thermometer than can be installed into your brew kettle to take quick and accurate readings throughout the brewing process. it has a 3" dial, a 6" probe, and a standard male NPT thread that can be easily installed in the brew kettle with a matching female NPT thread. The temperature readings range from 20 to 240F, and are displayed in 2 degree increments. For Celsius, the range goes from -5 to 115C, and are displayed in 1 degree increments. The temperature gauge can be calibrated by adjusting the calibration screw, which is located on the back of the dial. To calibrate, place the probe in boiling water or ice water and adjust to 212F or 32F respectively. This is a great brewing thermometer at a great price!


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