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Briess Rye Malt (50 lb. Bag)
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Briess Rye Malt (50 lb. Bag)

Item #: BULK-800-17
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Malted rye from Briess is a nice, spicy addition in many grain bills, and entirely necessary for traditional German Roggenbier.


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Briess Rye Malt (50 lb. Bag)

Rye is a traditional cereal grain that finds its way into many homebrewer's recipes. It has become a popular ingredient in IPAs, with homebrewer's using it to make fine Rye IPAs. It is also the main ingredient in the traditional Roggenbier, a beer made with rye as the base. Rye is known to have a spicy flavor that goes well in small amounts in many types of beer. It is fully modified and has a small kernel that can get quite sticky when used in large amounts. Rice hulls are recommended when using a large amount of rye in an all-grain recipe.


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