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Briess Rye Liquid Malt Extract
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Briess Rye Liquid Malt Extract

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This liquid malt extract from Briess offers extract brewers the ability to brew with rye which has typically only be available with all-grain brewing. With sweet, malty, caramel, and subtle spiciness, this extract helps you expand the styles you can brew while sticking with extract brewing!

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Brewing with Rye malt has typically only been available to all-grain brewers, but not anymore. Made from rye malt, base malt, and crystal 40, extract brewers finally have the ability to make their favorite Rye beers like Roggenbier. Expect an appealing malty, caramel flavor with subtle spicy rye notes. Use alone, with other extracts or with specialty grains to suit your brewing pleasure. Or use in small quantities to add interest and complexity to just about any beer style, from Pale Ales to Stouts.

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