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Conditioning Tablets
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Conditioning Tablets

Item #: 1984
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A tabletized solution for your carbonation needs! Easy to use, conditioning tablets are added to the bottle at bottling time in place of priming sugar to carbonate beers.

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Conditioning tablets are pill-sized tablets that are a mixture of dextrose, malt extract and heading powder that are used in place of priming sugar to prime beer in the bottle. Use at a rate of 3 to 5 tablets (depending on your desired carbonation level) per 12 oz bottle at the time of bottling, which can be scaled to about 6 to 9 per 22 oz bottle. Simply add, cap and shake to dissolve into solution. A package of conditioning tablets comes with approximately 250 tablets. No need to mess with weighing out priming sugar, boiling, cooling and adding to the bottling bucket! Make your life easier with carbonation tablets today!


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