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Crisp Brown Malt
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Crisp Brown Malt

Item #: 820-08
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$2.29 per lb.

Made from green malt, Crisp brown malt gives a robust coffee flavor, bitterness and brown color to beer.

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Brown malt is back! Used traditionally in the U.K. as a base malt, today's brown malt is not the same as the traditional malt. However, it is not radically different either. Made from green malt, Crisp brown malt adds a robust roasty flavor and aroma character to beer that is reminiscent of coffee. It adds a brown color to beer as well, and can be used successfully in a number of darker beer styles, such as porters, brown ales, milds, stouts, and others. Its flavor, aroma and color contributions are slightly different from any other malt out on the market, and must be tried to be properly appreciated it. Add a small portion to your next dark beer!

Grain Specifications

Color: 65L
Moisture: 0.03
Extract: 0.765
Usage: up to 50%
Country of Origin: U.K.


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