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East Kent Goldings Hop Pellets (UK) - 1 oz.
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East Kent Goldings Hop Pellets (UK) - 1 oz.

Item #: 2053C
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$2.29 per oz.

The classic English hop used for both bittering and aroma. Smooth and unoffensive.

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A well rounded hop with a little spice but more woody and earthy tones. Can be used for bittering but more often used as an aroma hop, especially in British beers. Sam Smith's Pale Ale and Fullers ESB use EKG.

Alpha Acids: 4 - 6%
Beta Acids: 1.9 - 3%
Co-Humulone: 25 - 30%
Total Oil: 0.4 - 0.8 mL / 100g
Typical Styles: All British beers, Belgian beers
Characteristics: Smooth and delicate with floral lavender, spice, honey, earth and thyme overtones
Country: UK
Possible Substitutes: Golding, Progress


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