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Inkbird ITC-310TS Programmable Temperature Controller Thermostat
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Inkbird ITC-310TS Programmable Temperature Controller Thermostat

Item #: GF618
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  • A dual relay plug-and-play temperature controller for an affordable price!
  • Safe, reliable and easy to use!
  • Programmable with up to 6 temperatures in 6 periods of time
  • Perfect for keeping fermentation temperatures right where you need them!
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The Inkbird ITC-310 is an affordable dual relay output temperature controller perfect for fermentation applications, or for your custome keezer build! It is packed with features to help you keep your beer at just the right temperature, producing perfect lagers and ales alike. It has dual display windows for displaying both set temperature and actual temperature, and can display temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celcius. Both high and low temperature alarms are available on this unit, as well as compressor delay protections for refrigeration control and sensor fault alarm. Plug and Play, this has plugs for both heating and cooling devices, such as heating pads and refrigerators. It has temperature calibration, and can be set for individual heating and cooling differentials. It also comes with a 2m (6.56 ft) NTC sensor cable and probe for easy temperature detection. In addition to all these features present on the ITC-308 model, the ITC-310 has 6 programmable time periods that you can program with 6 different temperatures on a timer. Making temperature control safe, reliable, easy AND programmable, the Inkbird ITC-310 is perfect for your fermentation needs!

Product Features

  • Easy to use plug-and-play design
  • Dual relay output
  • Timing Range: 1~999 (min/hour/day)
  • Periods of Time Max: 6 periods
  • Plugs for both heating and cooling devices
  • Dual LCD display for set temperature and actual temperature readings at the same time
  • Temperature calibration
  • Compressor delay protection for refrigeration control
  • High and low temperature alarm function
  • Over temperature and sensor fault alarms

Product Specifications

  • Temperature Control Range : -50~99C / -58~210F
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.1C / 0.1F Temperature Accuracy: ±1C (-50 ~ 70C) / ±1F (-50 ~ 160F)
  • Temperature Control Mode :On/Off Control, Heating and Cooling
  • Input Power: 100 ~240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Temperature Control Output: Max. 10A, 100V ~240V AC


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