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Magnetic Stir Plate with Ring Stand
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Magnetic Stir Plate with Ring Stand

Item #: GF191
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An economical stir plate that is useful for beer and wine makers.

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This economical stir plate features speeds up to 2400 RPM. The stirring platform measures 5 in. and comes with a 25 mm. stir bar. Will work with flasks up to 2000 ml. Great for brewers to get the most out of their yeast starters, by providing oxygen and constant agitation - ultimately leads to a happier environment for increased and rapid yeast cell reproduction. This product also comes with a ring stand, which is useful for wine makers when doing titration tests. A very useful product for both beer and wine makers, at a very economical price.

Note: While the stir plate can hold flasks up to 2000 ml. the ring stand will only reach high enough for flasks up to 500 ml. Not the biggest deal if you are just doing starters, but we thought we'd let you know!


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