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Muntons Black Patent Malt
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Muntons Black Patent Malt

Item #: 1938C
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$2.39 per lb.

A dark malt used to contribute color and roasted flavors to beers.

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Munton's Black Patent malt is a malt made by taking fully modified pale malt and roasting it to the point of carbonizing. The result is a very dark malt with no diastatic power that is used to contribute color, roasted flavor, acidity and dryness to beers. A small amount will contribute dark color additions and a bit of dryness without impacting flavor too greatly. A bit more will add roast character and may help balance some crystal and caramel flavors contributed by other specialty malts.

While it is sometimes described as bitter and astringent, Black Patent malt can also lend deep, rich fruit notes of currant and plum when balanced with other crystal and specialty malts. Black Patent can also contribute dryness to beer. Used mostly in porters and stouts, Black Patent malt may also be used in very small amounts for color adjustment in recipes.

Grain Specifications

Color: 512 - 598L
Protein: 9.7
Moisture: 0.05
Extract: 0.65
Usage: up to 20%
Country of Origin: U.K.


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