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Oxygen Regulator & Stone
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Oxygen Regulator & Stone

Item #: GF081
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The perfect setup for oxygenating wort, giving your yeast the oxygen they need for proper development and reproduction.

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Experiencing underattenuation? One of your problems could be low levels of oxygen present during yeast development. Oxygen is used by freshly-pitched yeast to create sterols and unsaturated fatty acids, which are used in the cell membranes and during reproduction. This oxygenation system allows you to directly introduce oxygen to the wort after chilling. Give your yeast what they need to properly develop, giving you clean, well-attenuated beer, with our oxygenation system!

Included in the Kit:
- 0.5 micron sintered aeration stone, which allows oxygen to diffuse into solution with ease!
- Oxygen regulator with adjustable knob, that works with disposable oxygen canisters.
- 4 ft. length of tubing that allows the stone to be submerged fully into your wort.

NOTE: Required but not included is an Oxygen canister. These can be purchased at most hardware stores.


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