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Safbrew S-33 High ABV Ale Yeast
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Safbrew S-33 High ABV Ale Yeast

Item #: 3631
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A very high alcohol tolerant yeast recommended in the production of many top-fermented beers.

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S-33 from Fermentis is a generally neutral ale strain with a high alcohol tolerance. Despite this, it is generally a low attenuating yeast, which can be used to good effect when beers with a good mouthfeel that lay long on the palate are desired. It produces mild esters, which can be softer and less dominant than some strains, especially Belgians. It is a good strain to use for many specialty and trappist beers. Underpitching this yeast can stress the yeast, creating more fruity esters and making beers come off as having more of a "Belgian" character than those pitched at higher rates. It is a low flocculating yeast that stays in suspension, and may require a longer time for clarification.

Beer Styles: General Ales, Specialty Ales, Fruit Beers, Witbier.

Alcohol Tolerance:
Flocculation: Powdery
Attenuation: 70%
Ideal Temperature Range: 59-68° F (15-20° C)


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