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Weyermann® Carafa® II Malt
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Weyermann® Carafa® II Malt

Item #: 3132A
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$2.49 per lb.

A de-husked roasted malt that is lighter than Carafa III, used to add roasted flavor and dark character without as much astringency.

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Weyermann brings to the table a range of different de-husked roasted malts for your brewing pleasure! Carafa II is lighter than Carafa III. That means less color and flavor contributions, making it suitable for more subtle dark grain additions. It is suitable for any dark beer style, or any style where a little roasted grain would be added to give some color and complexity. Just like Carafa III, the fact that it is de-husked means that it will not be as astringent as other roasted grains, such as roasted barley.

Grain Specifications

Color: 413 - 450L
Protein: 10.1
Moisture: 0.058
Extract: 0.65
Usage: 1 to 5%
Country of Origin: Germany


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