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Weyermann® Chocolate Wheat
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Weyermann® Chocolate Wheat

Item #: 3126
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Rated 5.0 out of 5, based on 1 review
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A dark roasted wheat made from malted wheat.

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Weyermann chocolate wheat malt is a rich, roasty wheat malt, primarily used to add dark color and a slight roastiness to beers. It is noted by Weyermann that chocolate wheat is often used to intensify roasty aromas in top-fermented beers, as well as to improve color. While the obvious choice for this grain would be a dark wheat beer such as a dunkelweizen, it can also be used to great effect in porters and stouts to add color and aroma. In addition, it has also been known to be used in altbier, or in any beer where dark grains such as chocolate or roasted barley would be used. Only a small proportion of 1 to 5% of the total grist is needed to make a strong flavor, aroma and color contribution to the finished beer.

Grain Specifications

Color: 338 - 451L
Protein: 10.1
Moisture: 0.04
Extract: 0.65
Usage: 1-5%
Country of Origin: Germany


Write a review
Excellent sub for choc. barley malt
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I frequently enjoyed the roasty and rich character that chocolate (barley) malts brought to my roggenbier's and baltic porters, but found that the bitterness was an issue. By necessity, I had to substitute chocolate wheat malt for a repeated roggenbier recipe, and the result was phenomenal - the same rich, roasty character but without the bitterness from chocolate barley malt...plus an added benefit of introducing a rich, silky mouthfeel. I now use chocolate wheat exclusively in any recipe that calls for chocolate malt. Try it, you'll like it.
Feb 5, 2015  |  By Hunter