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Wyeast 3942 Belgian Wheat
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Wyeast 3942 Belgian Wheat

Item #: 3942XL
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Belgian wheat is a great strain from a small Belgian brewery that produces a lot of fruitiness without many clove and spice notes.

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Belgian Wheat yeast comes from a small Belgian brewery, and is a perfect strain to use in fermentation when the fruitiness of a Belgian wheat strain is desired, but spicy phenolic compounds are not. The balance in this yeast is tilted toward ester production, with hints of bubblegum, apple and plum appearing front and center in the nose, and fruity flavors bursting forth on the palate. This is a good, balanced strain as far as Belgian wheat strains are concerned. The fruitiness tends to accentuate both malt and hops, and balances well with both. Known to be a vigorous fermenter (as many Belgian strain are), expect a full power fermentation with plenty of krausen that will produce beers dry and slightly tart in the finish. An exceptional yeast for making exceptional Belgian wheats with a lot of well-balanced fruit character.

Warm Weather Shipping Notice

During the hot summer months we include complimentary ice packs with ALL liquid yeast orders, but cannot guarantee that the ice packs will stay cold during transit, and thus the yeast can potentially be exposed to hot temperatures. We highly recommend ordering dry yeast during the summer months or if you are ordering from a warmer climate.

Yeast Specifications

Temperature Range: 64-74 F (18-23 C)
Flocculation: Medium
Cell Count: 100 Billion
Attenuation: 72-76%
Alcohol Tolerance: 12% ABV
Typical Styles: Belgian Pale Ale, Belgian Tripel, Witbier.


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