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Wyeast 4347 Eau de Vie
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Wyeast 4347 Eau de Vie

Item #: 3347XL
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A yeast strain often used for finishing off high-gravity beers.

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Eau de Vie is French for "water of life". It is also a type of brandy that has many different forms and names throughout Europe. This strain has traditionally been used in the production of such brandies, but has found favor in the brewing world due to high alcohol tolerance. Many times brewers will use this to finish off high gravity beers, such as barleywines and wheat wines, and has been used to finish off high gravity meads and grape wines as well. Brewers will pitch this later in the fermentation process, after many of the vital flavor compounds have been produced. Experiment with this yeast on high gravity beers and wines of all kinds.

Alcohol Tolerance: 21% ABV
Flocculation: Low
Ideal Temperature Range: 65-80° F (18-27° C)


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Port style fruit wine maker
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I've been using this yeast to make Asian pear and apple port style wines for 10 years with great results. I press out the fruit juice, kill off the natural yeasts, add enough dextrose to get to around 16% potential alcohol and let it ferment and clear up. Then I rack it off and add around 2 -3 % more dextrose and let it sit for a month, then I bottle it. It is great with desert. One year I made it to around 20% alcohol, but it was too potent for most people. You could start your briquets with it though.
Aug 25, 2014  |  By Tom Mueller