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The Brewer's Best 1 Gallon Starter Brewing Kit will get you started making one gallon batches in the comfort of your own kitchen! Included is all the basic equipment you will need (other than a kettle) to brew your one gallon batch, transfer and ferment your beer, and clean and sanitize your equipment!

Kit Includes the Following:

  • 2 gallon fermenting bucket with lid
  • 3 piece Econo-lock airlock
  • 1 gallon glass jug for secondary fermentation
  • 38mm screwtop lid with hole for an airlock
  • 5 feet of siphon tubing and a mini auto-siphon for transferring your beer
  • Hydrometer and 10 in. test jar for gravity samples
  • Glass lab thermometer
  • Dual scale liquid crystal stick-on thermometer
  • Beer bottle brush, a packet of Easy Clean cleanser and a bottle of IO Star sanitizer
  • Instruction manual (for the two people out there that actually read the instructions)
  • Brewing assistance via phone, 7 days a week from one of our trained and brew-loving staff

NOTE: Picture above may not match 100% to items listed

What You'll Need

In addition to this kit, you'll need the following items:

  • Ingredient Kit. We have several to choose from. Checkout our recommended selection below.
  • Brew Pot (this is needed on brew day). You can use a stock pot from home. We recommend at least a 2 gallon pot.
  • A heat source. This could be as simple as your stovetop and as awesome as a propane gas outdoor burner. If using your stovetop, natural gas is the preferred option, but an electric stovetop will work.
  • Roughly 12 pry off, 12oz. beer bottles. We sell them in cases of 24, so pick yourself up a case, and have extra bottles for your next batch!
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