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Measure your grain with incredible accuracy with this precision grain scale from Anvil Brewing Equipment! This digital scale can handle weights up to 65 lbs, and can measure to an accuracy of 0.02 lbs! Either lbs or Kg units can be selected. It features a huge 12.5 X 11.75 in. stainless steel weighing surface for putting a bucket or any other container on for weighing grains. The included remote scale can be mounted to any surface and is easy to read! Batteries ARE included, as is a remote power supply. Weigh your grains with confidence using this grain scale.

About Anvil Brewing Equipment

The Anvil line of products, is a premier line of brewing equipment, designed and built by the geniuses at Blichmann Engineering, with help and inspiration from John Palmer! The entire suite of products work in unison to provide a perfect brewing experience from day one, and at a great value to you the homebrewer. You can rest comfortably knowing that Anvil equipment is backed by two of the biggest names in the homebrew industry. Anvil Brewing Equipment: Inspired by Palmer, Built by Blichmann, and Made for You!

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Could be more accurate
I suppose for weighing grain, close is good enough, I had hoped that I could use it to blend beers. To do so, I needed to add a liter of soda water to a previously weighed (and tare compensated) homebrew keg. Everything was zero, and I added almost half of a 2 liter bottle before there was any motion on the scale. Another problem, If you don't act quickly, the scale resets, and all of your cumulative data is gone - POOF!
Feb 2, 2016  |  By Will
Love it
Been looking for a scale for a while to measure my grains out since I buy bulk to save money. I do 5 gallon batches, so I'm weighing out between 10-20 lbs. of grain depending on the batch, and this thing works great. Don't know about the other reviewer on here who said the scale reset on him; I've never run into that problem. Definitely recommend this.
Dec 12, 2016  |  By Alex
Love it
Recently got this for weighing my grains, fantastic!
Feb 20, 2017  |  By Reggie