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Blichmann Engineering originally released this as the valve for their G2 BoilerMaker, but is now offering it individually for those that want to upgrade their existing brew pot. Blichmann basically took all the things that can be annoying with standard ball valves, and came up with the linear flow valve!

For flow control, all you have to do is turn the knob on the linear valve the amount of times to match your desired flow (1/4 open is 1/4 of the max flow). This provides you an easy and repeatable way to control your flow rate. Also the material of the valve grip is silicone so it won't melt!

Cleanup is super simple as well. The valve is made up of two pieces that literally just snap apart (some force required). No tools are needed! Your valve can be cleaned in 5 minutes; sure beats the 45 minutes it takes us to clean our 3-piece ball valves! Lastly the orientation of the valve is already "elbowed", and It can also be pointed in any direction you choose. So, you can direct your flow up, down, to the left, and to the right. It also features a 1/2" male NPT fitting, so your Blichmann QuickConnects will fit right onto it!

NOTE: For existing first generation BoilerMaker owners, you can install the linear flow valve directly onto your existing bulkhead fitting. No o-ring or washer needed!

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I have a lot of ball valves on different pieces of equipment. A fair number of those are 3 piece and can be taken apart to be cleaned and sanitized. How often do I do that?? Not often. Blichmann's Linear Flow valve allows you to remove the entire inner workings of the valve, in seconds with 0 tools. I have cleaned the inside of this valve every time I've used by Blichmann G2 BoilerMaker. Beyond that it's easily adjustable (installs at any orientation) and it's easy to control (linear adjustment). This is a great piece of equipment that I'm glad Blichmann has released separately. Well done Blichmann on this revolutionary design!
Nov 21, 2014  |  By Homebrew Finds