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Fresh Cascade hops for making wet-hopped beers! These are locally grown Cascade hop cones that we have sourced for you to use in a wet-hopped beer. Cascade is one of the most ubiquitous American hops and is known for its orange and grapefruit flavors and aromas. It is the signature hop in Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which might give you an idea of its character. Fresh hops contain a high amount of water and should be used at a rate of about five times by weight of what you would use in dry pellet hops. Cascade can be used for bittering additions, but it is most often used for flavor and aroma. If you don't grow your own hops, this is your chance to get some freshly picked hops and make your very own wet-hopped beer!


The fresh wet hops will be picked by Three Hammers Farms on the morning of September 10th, and MUST BE PICKED UP FROM OUR INDY OR AVON STORE THAT SAME DAY!!!! YOU NEED TO BREW WITH THEM WITHIN 24-48 HOURS OF PICKUP AS WELL, or they will start to quickly lose their potency. So, plan your brew day accordingly! We are unable to refund orders that are not picked up!

Usage Guidelines

  • Fresh hops should be used as soon as possible, ideally within 48 hours of receiving
  • Fresh hops may be used at any point during your brew day, even in the mash. Mash-hopping, a traditional English technique, produces great hops flavor and the IBU equivalent of a 15-20 minute kettle addition. Mash-hopping also limits wort absorption (and some mess) in the kettle.
  • A wet:dry ratio of 5:1 is a conservative value to use when designing a recipe, meaning 5oz of fresh Cascade hops will yield approximately the same IBUs as 1oz dried Cascade cone
  • A conservative rule-of-thumb is to use pellet or dried hops in the kettle for 75% of the desired IBUs and fresh hops in the mash or as a late kettle addition for the remaining bitterness, flavor and aroma.
  • Whether fresh or dried, whole cone hops yield best when they are allowed to swim freely in the kettle. After the boil, use a steel strainer to remove the cones, but press out the absorbed wort into the kettle with a large sanitized spoon or mash paddle.
  • Fresh hops will produce slightly different results from year to year, but if your brew day procedure is sound, the worst case scenario is fresh, vibrant beer!

Product Features

  • Make your own wet-hopped beer with these freshly-picked Cascade hops!
  • Only available at harvest time
  • A unique product that makes for a unique brewing experience!

Available by Pre-Order Only

Pre-Order By: Wed. September 7th, 2016
Available for Pickup (no shipping): Sat. September 10th (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

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