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By popular demand! Blichmann Engineering has developed these extensions for the Fermenator. These expansions are available for their three largest sized Fermenators, greatly expanding their capacities, and therefore, your fermentation power! By simply adding these modular extensions to your existing Fermenator unit, you can increase your batch sizes and produce more beer in a single fermentation session. Three extension units are available: one that expands the 14.5 gallon Fermenator to a 26 gallon capacity fermentor, one that expands the 27 gallon Fermenator to a 42 gallon fermentor, and a third that can be used on either the 27 gallon Fermenator to increase its size to 63 gallons, or on the 42 gallon Fermenator to increase its capacity to an amazing 80 gallons! Made using the same high quality 304 stainless steel that has become synonymous with Blichmann, these expansions fit easily into place where the stainless lid normally would fit, raising height and expanding available fermentation room. No need to buy a whole new conical fermentor, Great Fermentations and Blichmann Engineering have you covered. Do even bigger batches by adding a capacity extension today!

For shipping orders, this product is drop shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. For pickup orders, we carry a supply of these in all our stores but will contact you if we are out at the time of your order.

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Worthwhile purchase
Having the extra capacity in my 14 gallon fermenator has helped production. It pays for itself in the first batch. Pay attention to height and weight increase especially with leg extensions and wheels. Happy brewing!
Jun 10, 2014  |  By Pr-wy
Greatest thing Since Sliced Bread
Really, this is a great product. I purchased the Blichmann Tri-clamp 14.5 gal. conical a couple of years ago. I typically brew 10 gallon batches, but have occasionally done some 20 gallon batches of my beers that everyone loves. This has been a PIA in many ways. First, because I would ferment half the batch in my conical and the other half in two 6.5 gal. carboys. And I would have to do a transfer to 5 gal. vessels from the carboys for the secondary fermentation. Needless to say, it is a PIA to clean so many fermentation vessels. Another reason is there is no good way to recover uncontaminated yeast from the carboys for future batches This extension has allowed me to use my 14.5 Fermenator for 10, 15 and 20 gal. batches without having to buy another conical fermenter (which, due to cost, I never would have done). Another advantage of going with the 14.5 and extension instead of the 27 gal. is the cleaning. It is hard to reach the bottom of the bigger (27 gal and up) vessels for proper cleaning. Removing the extension makes it very easy. I definitely recommend this product.
Nov 29, 2014  |  By Mark
Owner Response: Thanks for your review, Mark!
Why wouldn't you have one?
This is hands down, the best add-on! You never know when/if you're going to have to brew up for a wedding, party, or whatever and you need to make more than 10 Gallons. BAM!! Add this baby on and you're ready to rock 20 Gallons. Just do a double brew day...and you are D-U-N done! Love this little add-on (can you tell?)
Dec 16, 2016  |  By Michael Fry
Owner Response: Glad you're loving the Fermenator extension! It's hard to say no to this especially at the price. Cheers! Bryan