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Caramel Munich 40L malt from maltster Franco-Belges is a wonderful specialty malt that can add complex character to your beer! Caramel Munich malts add a caramel flavor and rich malt aroma to beers. It adds a nice residual sweetness, as well as improving body and head retention. With a color contribution of 38 - 42L, looks for this malt to add a deep golden to copper coloration to your beers. Typically used for up to 20% of the grist, kiln amber is an excellent malt to use in a wide range of beers, and is commonly used in Belgian ales. If you are looking to add caramel flavors, residual sweetness and malt aroma while improving body and head retention to your beers, look no further than caramel Munich 40L from Franco-Belges!

Grain Specifications

Color: 38 - 42L
Protein: 11.5% Max
Moisture: 6.0% Max
Extract: 75.0%
Usage: Up to 20%
Typical Styles:Belgian ales, pale ales, IPAs, ambers, reds, browns, milds, porters and stouts
Country of Origin: France
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