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Do you need to control your electric immersion heating element but don't need precise temperature control? Brew in a Bag and extract brewers who want to get into electric brewing will benefit from the new Power Controller by Blichmann Engineering! This 240v model is a unique tool in your brewing arsenal that allows you to precisely control the power of your electric heating element from 0-100% power. What's more, up to four additional relay modules (sold separately) can be added to control additional heating elements, for a total of five being run from one power controller!

Unlike cheap dimmer switch-style controllers whose power output is not linear, these power controllers use a tried and true industrial technique called Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control the percentage of time the heater is energized over a very short one second interval. For example, setting the knob to "6" energizes the heater for 0.6 seconds, turning the element off for the remainder of the one second interval. This method is gentler on your heater and allows for much easier control over your boil intensity and heating rate! This 240v model features L6-30 Twist Lock style connectors.

Ideal Applications

The Blichmann Power Controller was designed for brewers that need a high quality and affordable way to control the power to their electric brewing heating elements. It does not provide temperature monitoring and modulation like their more expensive control module unit, so this product is ideally suited for Boil Kettles (extract and all-grain brews), hot liquor tanks, and great for people doing brew in a bag. The 240V controller is powerful enough by itself to heat elements designed for kettles up to 30 gallons. If you need more power for larger kettles, purchase the relay module in addition to this power controller (item# GF547).

What's Included?

When purchasing this unit, you get the main power controller unit, with integrated power cord "pigtails". The integrated power cord measure about 10 inches in length, so we recommend also purchasing a power cord extension cable (item# BE-000364-01) that gets you an extra 11 ft. of reach.


  • Precise linear control of power from 0-100% with a fast-acting intuitive power knob.
  • Industrial grade PWM control methodology is reliable, gentle to heating elements, and very linear.
  • Ideal for boil kettle and BIAB applications where temperature control is not needed, but precise power control is. Note that this product does not read or control temperature.
  • Perfect match for the Blichmann BoilCoil electric heaters, but also works with any manufacturer’s immersion heater.
  • Have a large kettle with more than on heating element? Up to 4 optional relay modules can be quickly installed allowing you to drive up to 5 heating elements simultaneously with one power controller.
  • Integral DIN rail groove on the back allows connecting multiple controllers and relay modules together for wall or table mounting using readily available DIN mounting channels.
  • Integral heat sink keeps the industrial grade solid-state relay (SSR) cool for long life and reliable operation.
  • 30A 240V (7200W) single phase with L6-30 style plug ends.

For shipping orders, this product is drop shipped directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. For pickup orders, we carry a supply of these in all our stores but will contact you if we are out at the time of your order.

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