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Reap the benefits of fermenting under pressure! Pressurized fermentation is a great option for creating lager-like flavor profiles at room temperature, without the hassle of temperature control. And you'll complete your fermentations faster and easier than traditional fermentation methods. What's more, you can even capture carbonation for naturally carbonated beers! The Blichmann Engineering™ Spunding Valve is purpose built for homebrewers to control your pressures with exacting precision. Research by Blichmann Engineering™ and White Labs shows significant reduction of esters (fruity flavors found in most ales) and low levels of diacetyl, by fermenting under pressure. Start fermenting under pressure easily with the Blichmann Spunding Valve!

Product Features

  • Ferment under pressure to produce clean, low ester, lager-like beers.
  • Extremely fine adjustments from 0 to 35 psi, and superb pressure stability.
  • Suitable for vessels up to 42 gal (1BBL batch size).
  • Perfect for naturally carbonating your beers.
  • Use for counter-pressure transfers.
  • Tri-Clamp model is ideal for most 1.5 in. Tri-Clamp fermentors
  • Integral blow-off barb fitting adds a visual indication of fermentation if desired.
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I wasn't sure about this little gadget, but once i had it in hand I knew that it was the right tool for the job. I had seen some spunding valves before and I have plenty of the DIY ones but wanted something better. SSBT has some but they are too expensive and too big for my current needs. This one from Blichmann hit the spot. Easy to use and easy to disassemble for cleaning. The fittings fit nicely without the need of teflon. Great production however there are a lot of parts, lose one and you are screwed. So careful when cleaning and sanitizing. As always the instructions only helped halfway, typical Blichmann.
Jul 20, 2019  |  By Francisco