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Introducing the Uni-Stat IIa Temperature Controller! This is a temperature controller made for use with both hot and cold temperature devices. It has the ability to shut off the temperature device when either a high or low set point is reached, and is accurate to within 1° of the set temperature! Use this in conjunction with heating pads, heating elements, refrigerators, air conditioners...you name it! It has found popular use for fermentation control and to control cellar temperatures for wine storage.

The set temperature can be set anywhere from 10 to 220 F, with a bandwith differential of +/- 1 F. The 50% duty cycle setting allows for the unit to cycle on and off every 10 minutes in cool mode (every 5 minutes in heat mode) to avoid excessive cycling and helps to hit target temperatures without overshooting. This unit has a temperature sensor probe that can be used with a 1/4 in. thermowell sensor.

Operation is a breeze! Once everything is hooked up, simply set to cool or heat, and the device will raise or lower the temperature to the set point. No crazy progamming or insane wiring, just set and forget! Get a handle on your temperatures using the Uni-Stat IIa temperature controller!

Product Features

    • No programming required!
    • Set the mode switch for either cool or heat mode, then adjust the temperature. That's it!
    • Temperature stays within 1F of set point.
    • 8 foot temperature probe can be replaced with standard 1/4 in. thermowell
    • Optional Duty Cycle can be used for optimal performance and energy savings!
    • Sensor fault detection for safety to automatically shut off system
    • Compressor protection in cool mode can save the compressor on your refrigerator!
    • Automatic flashing alarm with flashing warning if set point temperature is exceeded by 5F

Product Specifications

  • Control either heating or cooling devices in a range from 10 F to 220 F!
  • Perfect for fermentation control or wine storage
  • Easy to operate, no complicated programming involved!

Product Specifications

  • Temperature range: 10 F to 220 F
  • Load Capacity at 120 VAC: 13 amps (1,500 W for heating)
  • 50% Duty Cycle Functionality
  • Cooling and heating modes
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