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Clear your wort by separating trub and the hot break by whirlpooling with a Whirlpool Arm kit from Blichmann Engineering! This easy-to-use whirlpool kit makes whirlpooling your wort simple, easy and effective! This kit comes with the G2 linear flow valve, a revolutionary valve designed by Blichmann Engineering for easy flow! The arm kit can be installed in the desired location on the kettle. Wort is then pumped from the main valve to the whirlpool arm, creating a strong whirlpool. A whirlpool arm is traditionally used to clarify wort and increase hop utilization. However, it can also be used in conjunction with an immersion chiller to speed up cooling, or to first cool the wort to around 180F or below for hop standing to increase hop aroma without further bitterness. It can also be used as an alternative port to fill, drain or sample. It is recommended to whirlpool for 5 minutes or until maximum rotation is acheived, then allow to settle for 15-20 minutes before draining. Make even better beer with a whirlpool arm from Blichmann Engineering!

Product Features

  • Gives you increased clarity and hop isomerization!
  • Can be used as an additional port for filling, draining or sampling.
  • Can be used in conjunction with an immersion chiller for quicker chilling.
  • Whirlpool and add hops after cooling to 180F or below for increased hop aroma without additional bitterness!
  • Make better wort with this easy-to-use whirlpool arm kit!

Kit Includes

  • G2 Linear Flow Valve
  • Bulk Head Fitting
  • Whirlpool Tube
  • Shaft Collar
  • O-rings
  • 9/64 in. Allen Wrench

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Whirlpool kit from Blickmann
The whirlpool kit was easy to install and it works just as they said it would. It is easy to recirculate the wort through my boil kettle system and the trub ends up in the bottom middle of the boil kettle. Much easier than doing a whirlpool by hand.
May 21, 2017  |  By Gary
Why hasn't this been done before?
I had a feeling this would turn out to be another exceptional product from Blichmann. I've used a recirculation "arm" attached to my immersion chiller for years, but I was never satisfied with the resulting whirlpool. What's worse, removing my chiller basically means disrupting my whirlpool. With this new whirlpool kit, I was able to get a solid whirlpool even with my chiller in place, then finish it off after removing my chiller (and thus fully covering my boil kettle while the trub settled). I'm still waiting for the resulting beer to ferment, but I'm fairly confident that I separated far more trub than I had in the past.
Jun 12, 2017  |  By Mike Beattie
Owner Response: Thanks for the review, Mike! Glad you are liking the Whirlpool kit. Cheers! Bryan & the GF Team
You really need the Whirlpool Kit
The Whirlpool Kit I added to the G2 Boilermaker kettle of my 10-gallon Electric BrewEasy is great! It replaced a whirlpool device I fabricated from copper tubing. When I purchased my BrewEasy from Great Fermentations a couple of years ago, I also upgraded to the Tower of Power (ToP) stand with the 3-way valve in the pump discharge path. I connect one hose from the right port of the 3-way valve to the Auto-Sparge inlet. I connect my Blichmann In-Line Oxygenation Kit to the left port of 3-way valve and a hose from the Oxygenation Kit to the Whirlpool Kit inlet valve. With this hose configuration, I now use the whirlpool attachment throughout the brewing process. Using automatic operation of the ToP temperature controller, I use the Whirlpool Kit to recirculate the contents of the kettle during the heat up to strike temperature. For a multiple-step temperature mash profile or mash out, I briefly switch from K-RIMS and recirculate the kettle to automatically heat up to the infusion temperature for the next temperature step. I start recirculating the kettle using automatic operation of the ToP temperature controller while draining the Mash Tun after mash out. I set the ToP temperature controller a few degrees below boiling. This lets me clean out the Mash Tun while the kettle approaches the boiling point. This also mixes the contents of the kettle for my pre-boil sample. Don't forget to cap the right outlet of the ToP Stand 3-way valve after you remove the hose to the Auto-Sparge connection. This will avoid drips if there is any seat leakage from the 3-way valve. After flame out (electric out?), I recirculate the kettle to improve the heat transfer efficiency of my immersion wort chiller. Just a few seconds of recirculation heats up the flow path to near boiling to sanitize it. Then, I quickly lower the kettle temperature for a whirlpool hop addition or continue the forced cooldown to pitching temperatures. Once at fermentation temperature, I use the in-line oxygenation kit to oxygenate the wort while it is still in the kettle. This has helped avoid overflowing a fermenter with the foam produced when adding oxygen during a pumped transfer to a fermenter. All in all, the Whirlpool Kit has made my brewing day a quicker and easier. Everyone needs one of these. While I'm here, the combination of the Whirlpool Kit and the Rotating Dip Tube Conversion Kit for Blichmann Boilermaker Kettle ($5.49, Item No. GF636) is even better. I start the forced cooldown of the brew kettle with the rotating dip tube at 90-degrees from the bottom. This orientation might help trub pile formation. Even using an immersion chiller, the Whirlpool Kit forms a textbook trub pile. During the pumped wort transfer, I slowly rotate the dip tube to keep it in the clearer wort. Cheers, Robert
Aug 13, 2019  |  By Robert Deal