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An Omega Yeast Labs exclusive! Jovaru™ Lithuanian Farmhouse comes directly from Aldona Udriene of Jovaru, "the queen of Lithauanian farmhouse beer," who has partnered with Omega to bring this unique strain to you! Jovaru Lithuanian Farmhouse complements farmhouse ales with unique esters, is highly attenuative, and has a temperature range that extends from 70F all the way up to 95F! It has medium to low flocculation properties and high attenuation, which have been well-utilized in Jovaru's famed "Kaimiskas alus," which is unfiltered, unpasteurized and naturally carbonated. This strain produced notes of lemon pith and spicy black pepper, with a silky smooth mouthfeel. Perfect for farmhouse ales of all kinds as well as wits and other Belgian style ales such as Belgian pale ales and blondes. A very unique strain from a historic brewery!

Omega Yeast Labs brings you fresh, healthy and unique yeast! Their yeast packs contain the optimal number of viable yeast cells to ferment 5 gallons of wort up to 1.060 O.G. With a collection of strains that include standard yeast, unique strains created in-house, and rare strains of yeast and bacteria, Omega Yeast Labs is a wonderful source for yeast for all your fermentation projects!


We include complimentary ice packs with ALL liquid yeast orders (if required), but cannot guarantee that the ice packs will stay cold during transit, and thus the yeast can potentially be exposed to hot temperatures. We highly recommend ordering dry yeast during the hot summer months or if you are ordering from a warmer climate. Many times during the winter an ice pack is not needed so we make the determination based on current temperatures and the destination!

Yeast Specifications

Temperature Range: 70 - 95F
Flocculation: Medium-Low
Cell Count: 150 Billion
Attenuation: 80 - 85%
Alcohol Tolerance: 10%

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