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Get ready for Snark Lord, a big, delicious imperial Stout modeled after a "dark" commercially available beer with a strikingly similar name. We developed this beer kit as part of our Brewer's Reserve line of beer kits based partially on the fact that the commercial version is only sold one day a year. We figured, why not make a snarky version of our own? A grain bill with loads of specialty grains gives this imperial stout a wonderful base on which cold-brewed coffee and vanilla is added. With a high original gravity, this makes quite the potent brew that can develop further complexity with age! We highly recommend saving back a few bottles in your beer cellar and bringing them out after six months or longer. What you'll discover when you open an aged bottle of this luxurious stout is a beer full of rich, heady flavors and aromas. All hail the Snark Lord!

Kit Details

Complete instructions are included with the beer kit. Our instructions include suggested mash temps, target gravity levels, hop addition times, and all the important brewing steps!

Our all-grain kits come with the necessary grains and hops for a 5 gallon batch. Grains come crushed, unless requested to be un-crushed in the order notes.Yeast is not included but we've provided a selection of recommended yeast (liquid and dry) that you can add to your order in the drop downs above. Clarifying agents (i.e. Irish moss) and priming sugar can be purchased separately.

Grain Bill Weight: 25.5
Kit Yield: 5 Gallons
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 11.4 - 14.6%
Intl. Bittering Units (IBUs): 30 - 35
Standard Ref. Method (SRM - Color): 74 - 77
Original Gravity: 1.115 - 1.134
Final Gravity: 1.023 - 1.028
Yeast Starter Suggested? Yes
Beer Kit Instructions: Click Here »

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snark loard
would just emphasize to folks you need two vials of yeast.
Dec 18, 2017  |  By thomas jones
Snark Lorde Is Gonna Be Great!
The 25.5# grain bill REALLY put my 48 quart mash tun to the test, and my efficiency suffered for it (62%), but by all indications this will be a RIS to remember! Made a 2.5L starter from WLP099 and watched the blow-off rumble! At four days into secondary, tastes remarkable with a more-than subtle alcohol component. Looking forward to adding my vanilla tincture at kegging/bottling time. Brew this. You won't be sorry
Jan 12, 2018  |  By Bob C.
Brewing a Trophy Beer
Not a normal brew day. The excitement alone is memorable. This is a BIG beer. It can be done with a single yeast pack into a 4 L starter cycled TWICE. LOL The batch was run with a 20 Gal mash tun. HERMS temperature control. I overshot the yeast yield. The 6.5 Gal fermenter spewed about a half a gallon out the blow off. Should have used a 15 Gal. OG hit 1.123 and settled out at 1.030 when transferred to the secondary. 12.21% The comparison to motor oil is right on track. Smooth and dark as night. Tastings so far have been great with smoothness and taste balancing the alcohol. When the secondary is finished and the vanilla & coffee is added I expect a Trophy Beer. (Select Friends Only). Normally I would wait until the end to submit a review but the excitement and samples so far forced me to write.
Jan 13, 2018  |  By James Wright
Owner Response: Thanks for the review, James and we're glad to hear the beer has turned out great for you! We LOVE this beer! Hope we are one of your select friends and we can try some of yours because we are all out :) Cheers! Bryan & The GF Team
Excellent recipe
Delicious recipe. Was blown away with the crisp flavor once it hits your mouth, and then how it rounds out with some delicious malt flavors, then followed with the warmth of the ABV. Will make again many times!
Oct 19, 2018  |  By Red Locks

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