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Sugar Creek Ye Olde Pale Ale Malt is malted in the classic British tradition! Darker than standard 2-row brewer's malt, this malt is comparable to the famous pale ale malts from a number of British maltsters. However, this one goes even slightly deeper in its toast, giving it a rich bready character that is perfect for a number of British and American style ales where a bit more of a toasted bread or biscuit character is desired. Bring out the true character of a British style ale, or add more depth to your American ales with this unique malt from Sugar Creek Malting Co!

Barley malted right here in Indiana! Sugar Creek Malt Co. is a local malting company located 40 miles north of Indianapolis. Started with the intention of making fine, locally-produced malts for truly locally-produced beer, Great Fermentations is proud to be the exclusive retailer of their local malts to homebrewers! All barley malted by Sugar Creek Malt Co. comes from within 200 miles of their Boone County malting operation. Using a form of floor malting, Sugar Creek Malting Co. is able to monitor malting conditions hour-by-hour to ensure high quality malts for the end user!

Product Features

  • A wonderfully complex base malt used in a range of British and American style ales.
  • Kilned slightly darker than standard pale ale malts, this malt has a deliciously bready aroma and flavor.
  • Perfect for use as the base in a number of ales where a deeper, richer toasted malt character is desired.

Grain Specifications

Color: 3.4 - 3.6L
Protein: 10 -11%
Moisture: 3.5 - 4.5%
Extract: 81.5 - 82.5%
Diastatic Power: 115 - 125
Usage: Up to 100%
Typical Styles:English and American ales, including bitters, pale ales, IPAs porters, stouts, ambers browns and milds
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