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  • Sugar Creek Rye Malt
    • A wonderfully complex rye malt used in a range of ales.
    • This rye malt has a deliciously spicy aroma and flavor.
    • Perfect for use to impart dryness and spiciness to a number of different beer styles!
    Item #: GF517
    Availability: In Stock
  • Sugar Creek Ye Olde English Pale Malt
    • A wonderfully complex base malt used in a range of British and American style ales.
    • Kilned slightly darker than standard pale ale malts, this malt has a deliciously bready aroma and flavor.
    • Perfect for use as the base in a number of ales where a deeper, richer toasted malt character is desired.
    Item #: GF516
    Availability: In Stock
  • Weyermann® CaraRed®

    A German caramel malt that brings out a definitive red hue in beers.

    Item #: 980-17
    Availability: In Stock
  • Simpsons Extra Dark Crystal Malt

    An excellent dark crystal malt that contributes body, head retention, sweetness and dark fruit flavor and aroma character.

    Item #: 930-05
    Availability: In Stock
  • Simpsons Medium Crystal Malt

    An excellent medium crystal malt from the U.K. that contributes sweetness, body, head retention, and mild caramel flavors.

    Item #: 930-04
    Availability: In Stock
  • Simpsons Golden Promise™

    Scotland's version of Maris Otter, this rich base malt has a wonderful flavor and aroma, with a hint of sweetness.

    Item #: 930-02
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    1 Review
    Availability: In Stock
  • Weyermann® Floor-Malted Bohemian Pilsner Malt

    Bohemian Floor Malted Pilsner is malted using the traditional methods common until roughly the middle of the 19th century.  Adds a rich, earthy aroma to your finest Pilsners.

    Item #: 890-05
    Availability: In Stock
  • Avangard Light Munich Malt

    A malt with enough diastatic power to convert itself but often used in conjunction with other base malts to contribute maltiness and an orange color.

    Item #: 890-03
    Availability: In Stock
  • Avangard German Pilsner Malt

    One of the finest German pilsner malts available to the home brewer!

    Item #: 890-01
    Availability: In Stock
  • Briess 2-Row Malt

    The standard base malt for a number of different beers, including ales of all kinds!

    Item #: 870-02
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    3 Reviews
    Availability: In Stock
  • Rahr 6-Row Malt

    A base malt with high diastatic power and more husk material, great for high adjunct beers!

    Item #: 870-01
    Availability: In Stock
  • Simpson Peated Malt

    A special peat-smoked malt used in whiskey production that has found favor with brewers in smoked beers.

    Item #: 840-15
    Availability: In Stock
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