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Flaked Grains & Adjuncts

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  • Rice Hulls

    Rice Hulls

    $2.09 - $39.60

    Rice hulls are used in the brewing process to increase lautering ability and to prevent stuck mashes.

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  • Torrified Wheat

    A heat treated form of unmalted wheat that can be added to the mash to increase sugars, head retention and body. Requires milling.

  • Flaked Wheat

    Flaked Wheat

    $1.79 - $29.99

    Flaked wheat is a processed form of the wheat grain that adds body, head retention and fermentables to beers.

  • Flaked Barley

    Flaked Barley

    $1.99 - $34.99

    A flaked, unmalted barley product that is used to increase head retention and body.

  • Flaked Maize

    Flaked Maize

    $2.09 - $38.99

    A flaked corn product used to lighten beers and add fermentables and a subtle sweetness.

  • Flaked Rice

    Flaked Rice

    $2.79 - $42.99

    A flaked rice product used to lighten body and add fermentables without greatly affecting flavor.

  • Flaked Oats

    Flaked Oats

    $1.99 - $39.99

    Flaked oats are used in making beers with a creamy smoothness, and are used in the production of oatmeal stouts.

  • Flaked Rye

    Flaked Rye

    $1.99 - $33.99

    Flaked Rye is used to add a spicy character to beers, as well as drying out the final product.