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Therminator Wort Chiller & Accessories

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  • Therminator Wort Chiller, Blichmann Engineering

    Blichmann's professional-grade plate chiller, the Therminator is an engineering masterpiece that marries form and function to give you the fastest way to chill your wort possible. Use as a gravity-fed or pump-driven cooling system to give you consistent results every time!

    Item #: GF065
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    2 Reviews
    Availability: In Stock
  • Backflush Assembly for Therminator, Blichmann Engineering

    A backflush assembly that makes keeping your Therminator clear of debris simple! Cleanliness and sanitation are key in making good beer, and this backflush assembly helps you to do just that, ensuring a clean and well-functioning Therminator for years to come.

    Item #: GF108
    Availability: In Stock
  • ThruMometer Inline Thermometer, Blichmann Engineering

    Blichmann's Thrumometer is a thermometer that gives real-time feedback on the temperatures of liquids that flow through it. Ideal for use when chilling with the Blichmann Therminator, or any counterflow chiller!

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    1 Review
  • In-Line Oxygenation Kit, Blichmann Engineering

    A new, thorough way to oxygenate your wort as it travels into your fermenter, from Blichmann Engineering!

    Item #: ALN-LINE-O2-KIT
    Availability: In Stock