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Hard Cider & Mead Supplies


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  • Cider Spring Blend, 1 Gallon

    Our spring cider has been fresh pressed from apples harvested last year. Now they're ready to ferment, just in time for your summer picnics and BBQs!

    Item #: GF029S
    Availability: Out of Stock
  • The Compleat Mead Maker
    As one of the most ancient of human beverages, mead arose in part because it was easy to make. Today's hobbyists rediscover the simplicity of making mead while reveling in the range of flavors that result
    Item #: 7313
    Availability: Out of Stock
  • Backyard Beekeeper
    An absolute beginner's guide to keeping bees in your yard and garden. The Backyard Beekeeper makes the tradition of beekeeping enjoyable and accessible. Revised to include material on "gree" beekeeping, urban bees and keeping bees healthty.
    Item #: 159111
    Availability: Out of Stock
  • Super Ferment, 4 oz

    Super Ferment is a mixture of diammonium phosphate and yeast energizer, and acts as a good all-around yeast nutrient/energizer for wine and beer.

    Item #: GF031
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    Availability: Out of Stock
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