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Rahr 6-Row Malt (50 lb. Bag)
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Rahr 6-Row Malt (50 lb. Bag)

Item #: BULK-870-01
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A base malt with high diastatic power and more husk material used in lautering, Rahr 6-row is great in mashes with a high amount of adjuncts.


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Rahr 6-Row Malt (50 lb. Bag)

A highly modified base malt with more diastatic power to convert mashes which contain a large percentage of adjuncts such as rice and corn. It is very useful in brewing certain beer styles, such as wheat beers and cream ales.  Rahr 6-row malt also has more husk material than 2-row brewer's malt,  which reduces the risk of stuck sparges when using huskless grains like wheat or rye. Since it is high in protein, its use can result in increased break and haze. A protein rest is suggested when brewing with 6-row.

It has a great flavor which has been described by some as slightly grainy. Rahr 6-row is often used in high-gravity mashes as well, and those using special adjunct ingredients such as pumpkin. Try some in your next high-gravity  or specialty batch of beer!


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