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Belgian Dubbel All-Grain Kit
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Belgian Dubbel All-Grain Kit

Item #: BKAG004
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Rated 4.0 out of 5, based on 1 review
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Dubbel up the goodness!

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Belgian Dubbel All-Grain Kit

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Rich and complex with a strong malty sweetness that finishes moderately dry. Dried fruit and dark caramel flavors are balanced with a slightly spicy fruitiness derived from the Belgian yeast. This is a beer that will surely improve and develop with age!

Kit Details

Complete instructions are included with the beer kit. Our instructions include suggested mash temps, target gravity levels, hop addition times, and all the important brewing steps!

Our all-grain kits come with the necessary grains and hops for a 5 gallon batch. Grains come crushed, unless requested to be un-crushed in the order notes.Yeast is not included but we've provided a selection of recommended yeast (liquid and dry) that you can add to your order in the drop downs above. Clarifying agents (i.e. Irish moss) and priming sugar can be purchased separately.

Kit Yield: 5 Gallons
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5.3 - 7.2%
Intl. Bittering Units (IBUs): 14 - 16
Standard Ref. Method (SRM - Color): 14 - 15
Original Gravity: 1.057 - 1.068
Final Gravity: 1.013 - 1.017
Yeast Starter Suggested? Yes
Beer Kit Instructions: Click Here »


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Original Review Posted 1/7/2014 - During fermentation, this batch gave off a great 'bready' smell that reminded me of a local bakery I grew up next to. So, I was very excited to try the first bottles. However, I'm a little disappointed. The flavoring is decent, but some of the bottles (yes, bottle conditioning) are very low carbonation and flat. My disappointment is probably more to do with my inexperience in brewing then the recipe itself. I'm still trying to determine the right amount of pre boil volume. I ended up with 52 bottles from a 5 gall batch and still had some left in the bucket. Because of so much volume, the taste became diluted and I probably didn't use enough priming sugar. I'll have to give it another try once I get past the "newbie" phase. Updated Review Posted 2/3/2014 - I just needed to allow another week or 2 for bottle conditioning. It turned out very nice. Too bad they are all gone - need to make another batch!
Feb 3, 2014  |  By Darryl