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Malto Dextrine, 1 lb.
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Malto Dextrine, 1 lb.

Item #: 1995
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Maltodextrin is a non fermentable ingredient used in beer making to add body and mouthfeel to beer, as well as increase head retention. Great for extract brewers who want to get all-grain like body in their beer.

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Maltodextrin is a non-fermentable polysaccharide used in a wide range of food products. In beer making, it is used to add body and mouthfeel to the beer without greatly increasing its sweetness. Because it is non-fermentable, it can be used to increase specific gravity. It also goes wonderfully in root beer and other sodas to give more body and character.

Maltodextrin is often derived from corn in the U.S., though it can be derived from many different starches, including wheat. While our maltodextrin is not certified gluten-free, maltodextrin is so highly processed that most of the protein is removed, rendering it essentially gluten-free. This is true even of maltodextrin derived from wheat. Use this to give your beers more body, mouthfeel and head retention.


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