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Weyermann® CaraWheat® Malt
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Weyermann® CaraWheat® Malt

Item #: 3124B
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$2.39 per lb.

A caramel wheat product from Weyermann, perfect for adding color and unique flavors to beer.

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Weyermann CaraWheat is a wheat product that has been steeped and kilned to create a unique wheat malt. Almost 100% caramelized, CaraWheat will contribute unique flavors of biscuit and almond to beer. It can add a creaminess to beers, as well as improve head retention and create a fuller body and mouthfeel. This malt is often used in hefeweizens and dunkelweizens, but can be added to many beer styles. It can contribute a slight phenolic wheat character that will work well with many German wheat yeasts. It can also substitute in for crystal malt in any recipe for interesting results.

Grain Specifications

Color: 42 - 53L
Protein: 11.7
Moisture: 0.065
Extract: 0.75
Usage: 1-15%
Country of Origin: Germany


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